Douglas Fir Christmas Trees

Douglas fir rows

Douglas fir have a uniform full shapeDouglas fir Christmas trees (Pseudotsuga menziesii) are THE original Christmas tree of the West Coast. Douglas fir have been grown in the Pacific Northwest, primarily in Oregon, since the 1920’s. Back then, when our grandfather was tasked with bringing home the family Christmas tree he would head to the forest, and Douglas fir was quite often the only species of Christmas trees available.

Douglas fir have soft needlesEvennow, with all sorts of perfectly pruned Christmas tree species available, Douglas fir is holding strong as a family favorite. With modern innovations in Christmas tree farming Douglas fir are now all grown atChristmas tree farms like Santa and Sons own environmentally certified family farm located near Philomath, Oregon.

Information about Douglas Fir

Douglas Fir Christmas Trees in the field Douglas fir Christmas trees grow under a wide variety of conditions making them a great fit for lower elevation fields not suitable for true fir production. They grow naturally very straight and more rapidly than a true fir which gives them exceptional value as a mid priced Christmas tree.

Douglas fir has a dense, full bushy shape with a defined angular profile. The branches are packed with soft green needles that are plush to the touch and exude a distinctive pine-like scent. The fragrance of Douglas fir persists through the entire Christmas tree season. The classical uniform shape of Douglas fir trees can support lots of Christmas lights. Mark shearing a Douglas Fir Christmas treeFor those of us who like a tree which brings a traditional Christmas glow to your whole home, Douglas fir is a favorite for the ages.

Douglas fir was the first type of tree we learned to grow as seen in this 1981 photo of founder Mark Rohlfs hand shearing a Douglas Fir Christmas tree. With over 30 years experience hand crafting these trees we have the experience to bring you the finest quality Douglas fir Christmas trees. Although the experience is a bit different these days, the Douglas Fir Christmas trees grown by Santa and Sons are still monuments to the holidays that would make our grandfather proud.