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Douglas fir have a uniform full shape

Douglas fir Christmas tree (Pseudotsuga menziesii) is the traditional Christmas tree species from Oregon and has been produced in the Pacific Northwest since the 1920's, when most Christmas trees came from the forest. Back then, Douglas fir and Scotch Pine were quite often the only two types of Christmas trees available. Nowadays, real Douglas Douglas fir have soft needles fir Christmas trees are all grown on Christmas tree farms like Santa & Sons own environmentally certified family farm located near Philomath,Oregon. Douglas fir still remain one of the most commonly used Christmas trees species in the United States.

Douglas fir are noted for their dense full bushy shape and fine soft green needles. They have a distinctive pine-like scent, and that fragrance seems to last through the entire Christmas season. With a classic uniform Christmas tree shape that is easily decorated, Douglas fir are able to support a large number of Christmas tree lights if you really like to light it up!

On Christmas tree farms, Douglas fir grows over a wider range of conditions than mostMark shearing a Douglas Fir Christmas tree other species, so more Douglas Fir Christmas Trees in the fieldfields are available for Douglas fir production than Noble Fir which has a more narrow range. They also grow more quickly than the true firs. An eight foot tall Douglas fir Christmas tree is usually about six or seven years old, which is faster by at least a year or two than Noble Fir. And with naturally straight tops, cultural practices on Douglas fir are also different. Each summer, every Douglas fir tree on the farm is sheared by hand using a long sharp knife as shown in this 1981 photo of Santa & Sons founder Mark Rohlfs.

With the different pruning methods, faster growth and their greater environmental range, Douglas fir is a mid priced Christmas tree offering exceptional value. Our Douglas fir Christmas trees in Los Angeles are available the first week of December.

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