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Premium quality Grand Fir Christmas Trees

Grand Fir Christmas trees (Abies grandis) Christmas trees are the hands-down favorite of this Oregon Christmas tree grower and many others because they are so beautiful and wonderfully fragrant. In Los Angeles Grand Fir have remained steadily popular for over 20 years with folks who savor the scent of Christmas in their homes.

The Grand Fir scent really is incredible! It has a powerful citrus-like evergreen aroma and is, by far, the most fragrant Christmas tree. When you are at the Christmas tree lot, pick just a few needles and crush them between your fingers to get a sample of that powerful aroma.

With their dark green color and shiny appearance, Grand Fir is a very beautiful Christmas tree. The needles have a silvery underside with two lines of stomatal bloom that reflect the Christmas tree lights for a beautiful effect. Grand Fir needles are arranged in a flat array on the twigs in a way that gives a very graceful appearance to the tree. While similar to Balsam Fir from the eastern United States, western Grand Fir seed sources from northern Idaho have dramatically improved needle retention and in home performance during the Christmas.

Oregon Grand Fir Christmas tree farm

The Grand Fir fragrance is due to the constant release of moisture from the tree, so it is especially important that Grand Fir Christmas trees are always kept in a tree stand with a water bowl that is kept full. These trees will not do well if the stand is allowed to go dry. And even under the best of circumstances Grand Fir will not last as long as Nordmann Fir, which is at other and of the fragrance spectrum having the least scent but lasting the longest.

We know most people tend to choose the same kind of Christmas tree every year, with Noble Fir being our biggest seller and more people trying out the new Nordmann Fir.  We know that once you smell the citrus scent of the Grand Fir, you will want to welcome the holidays every year with this wonderful aroma.

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