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Premium quality Grand Fir Christmas Trees

Grand Fir Christmas Trees (Abies grandis) embody the sensation of the holidays with an unparalleled evergreen aroma. Grand Fir Christmas trees are by far the most fragrant Christmas tree species. Swing by our Christmas tree lot and take the sniff test! A few needles crushed between your fingers will release the powerful aroma of Grand Fir that will fill your home with a warm glow for the holidays. In Los Angeles Grand Fir Christmas trees have steadily been gaining in popularity for over 20 years.

Grand Fir Christmas trees have a vibrant emerald green needle with a silvery underside. The silver underside of Grand Fir needles have two lines of stomatal bloom which reflect light creating a sparkling display. The glossy Grand Fir needles fan out in a single plane on either side of the branch giving the tree an elegant appearance. While similar in appearance to Balsam Fir from the Eastern United States, which historically did not perform well, Western Grand Fir seed sources come from northern Idaho. These seed sources have dramatically improved needle retention and in home performance during the Christmas season.

Grand Firs intense fragrance can be attributed to their practically constant release of moisture from the needles. So, it is essential that Grand Fir Christmas Trees are kept in a Christmas tree stand with a generous water bowl. These trees will not perform well if the stand is allowed to run dry. Even under the best of circumstances a Grand Fir does not perform with the same vigor as Noble Fir or Nordmann Fir which attributes their heartiness to lack of moisture being released. Our Grand Fir Christmas trees are shipped from our own Christmas tree farm to our Los Angeles Christmas tree lot the late beginning in early December, and are our best selling tree late in the holiday season.Oregon Grand Fir Christmas tree farm