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Noble Fir Christmas Tree

Noble Fir Christmas Tree in the field
Noble Fir Christmas trees (Abies procera) shine as the modern favorite for today’s families. Noble Fir Christmas trees have soft blue-green needles on evenly spaced strong branches. The strong defined branches of Noble Fir coupled with their rich green hue give them a lovely full and layered appearance. The rigid branches of Noble Fir hold up heavy ornaments such as traditional glass and heirloom ornaments beautifully. And Noble Fir emits a distinctive yet mild fir scent that lights up a room.
Noble Fir are actually flowering plants and here is the

Information about Noble Fir

Noble Fir Christmas Tree in the fieldNoble Fir have grown in popularity and now outsell all other varieties in the Western United States.
Noble Fir are native to Oregon and only grow in the Pacific Northwest. Noble Fir Christmas trees love a frosty winter morning as the natural habitat for Noble Fir is at elevations above 4000’.

Noble Fir were first grown for Christmas trees in Oregon in the 1960’s. Pioneers in the establishment of Noble Fir as a Christmas tree species were Hal Schudel, Bob Kintigh, Robert Ruth, Bob Sievers and others who really helped bring Christmas tree production out of the forest and onto the farm.Noble Fir tag

Santa & Sons grows Noble Fir Christmas trees in the foothills of the Oregon Cascade Mountains where they receive over 60 inches of rain annually! Frost occurs there before harvest ensures that the trees are fully dormant prior to cutting, improving needle retention and freshness.

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