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Noble Fir Christmas Tree in the field

Noble Fir (Abies procera) is simply the best Christmas tree grown anywhere in the world! In Los Angeles Noble Fir is now our most popular Christmas tree. Noble Fir Christmas trees were once a minor species outside of Oregon but starting in the 1960’s and 1970’s they gradually became known in California and other West Coast markets. Since the 1990’s demand throughout the United States has risen steadily and Noble Fir is now the most popular Christmas tree in the western United States.

Noble Fir Christmas Tree in the fieldNoble Fir Christmas trees are grown only in the Pacific Northwest states of Washington and Oregon where they are a high elevation tree in their native state. So Noble Fir Christmas tree farms are located higher up in the mountains where they receive over 60 inches of rain annually and plenty of frost before harvest insuring the trees become fully dormant. These are key determining factors for improved needle retention and keeping Christmas trees fresh in people’s homes. Santa & Sons has shipped Noble Fir Christmas trees, which perform well under a wide variety of conditions in both cold and warm environments, to destinations throughout the United States since 1983.

Noble Fir Christmas trees have a beautiful,almost spruce like appearance with Noble Fir are actually flowering plants and here is thesoft blue-green needles on evenlyNoble Fir tag spaced strong branches that are perfect for heavy ornaments. In the home they keep really well and have a very pleasant distinctive fir scent. When one thinks of the traditional Christmas tree, this is it! Nobles come in a variety of styles and present the ornaments and Christmas lights in a very natural way. Some are full and bushy; others have a more open, layered appearance. Decorated at home they are just magnificent. It’s no wonder that Noble Fir outsells all the other varieties combined.

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