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Nordmann Fir Christmas tree premium grade 8-9 feet tall

Nordmann Fir Christmas Trees (Abies nordmanniana) are now being grown at our tree farm in Oregon, but they originate from the Caucasus Mountains, Nordmann Fir Table top small Christmas treessouth and east of the Black Sea in the Republic of Georgia and northern Turkey. Nordmann Fir is a new type of Christmas tree in America but has been used for many years in Europe, and is one of the most commonly grown Christmas tree species in Germany and Norway. Closely related to Turkish Fir, Nordmann Fir have been grown experimentally in Oregon for the last twenty years and today’s superior seed sources and improved production methods have produced absolutely beautiful long lasting Christmas trees.

Nordmann Fir have symmetrically arranged strong branches are perfect for holding large or heavy ornaments. The short, dark green needles are soft and flattened on the twig, with a waxy cuticle that gives the tree its shiny appearance and helps prevent drying. With very little fragrance, Nordmann Fir are the best Christmas tree for anyone with allergies, and with superb needle retention Nordmann Fir have the distinctive quality of shedding the fewest, if any, needles.Pruning tall Nordmann Fir Christmas Trees at the Christmas tree farm

Nordmann Fir Christmas tree needles close up

We have Nordmann Fir Christmas trees in Los Angeles from two foot tall table top trees up to twelve feet tall. Magnificent plaza grade Nordmann Fir over up to 16 feet tall can be special ordered for installation in large homes and commercial applications. Follow this link for Tall Nordmann Fir Christmas Trees.

Nordmann Fir are so pretty and so long lasting that they will undoubtedly become one of the most sought after Christmas trees over time as word really gets out. This Christmas if you want to try something new, gather the family around a Nordmann Fir. They are a remarkable Christmas tree.

Nordmann Fir Christmas tree in the field Tall Nordmann Fir Christmas trees at the Oregon Christmas tree farm Rows of small Nordmann Fir Christmas tree in the field Nordmann Fir Christmas tree farm in Oregon

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