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Nordmann Fir Christmas tree premium grade 8-9 feet tall

Nordmann Fir Christmas Trees Abies normanniana are now available at our Christmas tree lot in Los Angeles. Nordmann Fir originate Nordmann Fir Table top small Christmas trees in the Caucasus region of Europe. The rugged conditions of the mountainous landscape extending from the Black Sea to the Caspian Sea into Georgia, Armenia, and Turkey give Nordmann Fir a fabulously exotic appearance. This is one of the many reasons the Nordmann Fir became the most popular and commonly grown species of Christmas tree in Europe. Nordmann Fir Christmas trees have become increasingly popular outside of Europe and are now available in West Coast markets. For the last twenty years Nordmann Fir have been making an appearance on the fields of Christmas tree growers. With superior seed sources and improved production methods Nordmann Fir Christmas trees are very durable, long lasting trees for your home or business.

Nordmann Fir Christmas trees possess a unique appearance from other Christmas tree species. With their thick, symmetrically arranged branches Nordmann Fir are perfect for displaying heavy or large ornaments such as glass and heirloom pieces. The Nordmann Firs dark green needles are short and smooth, and are covered in a waxy cuticle which prevents water loss. This coating on the Nordmann Fir gives it a minimal fragrance, and is recommended when choosing a Christmas tree for individuals with allergies. Even in warmer climates Nordmann Fir Christmas trees have little or no needle loss throughout the holiday season. Nordmann Fir Christmas tree needles have a subtle light-blue underside which lights up the appearance of the soft layered needles.Pruning tall Nordmann Fir Christmas Trees at the Christmas tree farm

Nordmann Fir Christmas tree needles close up

We have Nordmann Fir Christmas trees in Los Angeles from two foot tall table top trees to full size Nordmann Firs twelve feet tall! Magnificent plaza grade Nordmann Fir over up to 20 feet tall can be special ordered before October 17th for installation in large homes and commercial applications. Follow this link for Tall Nordmann Fir Christmas Trees.

Nordmann Fir Christmas trees are so long lasting and beautiful that they will undoubtedly become one of the most sought after Christmas trees in coming years as more and more make their way into Los Angeles homes and businesses. This Christmas if you want to try something new, gather the family around a Nordmann Fir from Santa and Sons.

Nordmann Fir Christmas tree in the field Tall Nordmann Fir Christmas trees at the Oregon Christmas tree farm Rows of small Nordmann Fir Christmas tree in the field Nordmann Fir Christmas tree farm in Oregon