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Christmas tree fields.jpg
Christmas tree fields – 1415 viewsNoble Fir Christmas tree fields at Santa & Sons tree farm in the Cascade mountains of Oregon
Noble Fir Christmas trees in the shade – 882 viewsThese 8' - 9' Noble Fir Christmas trees are displayed in shade tents to protect them from the Southern California sun.
Noble Fir waiting their turn in the shade at Santa & Sons Christmas tree lot – 1010 viewsThese beautiful Noble Fir Christmas trees are waiting their turn in the shade at Santa and Sons Christmas tree lot in the San Fernando Valley.
Nordmann Fir short and tall – 872 views6' Nordmann Fir Christmas trees are displayed in the foreground. Behind them are some 10' to 12' Nordmann Fir
Grand Fir Christmas trees at our Christmas tree lot in the Los Angeles area – 973 viewsA row of 6' to 7' Grand Fir Christmas trees on display at the retail Christmas tree lot located at Los Angeles Valley College in the San Fernando Valley
Small Grand Fir Christmas trees – 762 viewsThese 4' tall Grand Fir Christmas trees are an economical choice for tabletop displays
Nordmann Fir – 706 viewsA group of 6' Nordmann Fir at the Christmas tree lot
5' Nordmann Fir Christmas trees – 717 viewsNordmann Fir Christmas trees on display in the shade tent
Fresh Christmas tree tops – 604 viewsLooking across the tops of some fresh Oregon Nordmann Fir Christmas trees
Young Christmas tree field on a hilltop at our tree farm – 641 viewsThis young Noble Fir Christmas tree field has been established for three years since planting. The seedlings were two years old when planted. It will be another four years before trees are harvested in here. Growing these long rotation crops stabilizes the ground and helps conserve soils.
Santa & Sons Noble fir Christmas tree fields at our Oregon tree farm – 577 viewsThese 5 foot Noble Fir Christmas trees have reached the age where we begin to thin out the field to maintain spacing to provide sunlight, water, and air to reach the trees
Noble Fir rows at the Oregon Christmas tree farm – 676 viewsAs Noble Fir Christmas trees reach harvestable size, we maintain groundcover to keep the Christmas trees clean during harvest and protect the soils.
Noble Fir Christmas tree field with groundcover – 774 viewsThis field of Noble Fir Christmas trees has been spaced wider to grow tall Christmas trees. The groundcover helps protect soils
Close-up of Noble Fir staminate cones – 1195 viewsNoble fir Christmas trees are flowering plants. Here the male staminate cone prepares to release pollen.
Male flower part of of Noble Fir Christmas trees – 828 viewsClose-up of the staminate cone of Noble Fir ( Abies procera )
Natural Noble Fir in flowering stage – 742 viewsPhoto of Noble Fir showing male staminate flowers
Close-up of Noble Fir Christmas trees – 841 viewsThis close-up shows the male flower parts and new growth breaking out at the buds
Tall Noble Fir Christmas trees at our Oregon Christmas tree farm – 962 viewsThe Christmas trees in this picture vary from 6' to 9' tall. Some trees are removed every year to keep the trees from growing too close together.
Christmas tree field nestled in the woods – 781 viewsThis field of beautiful Noble Fir Christmas trees is nestled in the woods. Working on the trees in fields like this is one of the real benefits of growing Christmas trees in Oregon.
Close-up of Noble Fir twig shows soft green needles – 1672 viewsThis close-up of a Noble Fir branch shows the buds where the new growth emerges.
Noble Fir 10 feet.jpg
Noble Fir 10 feet – 2217 viewsThis premium Noble Fir Christmas tree is 10 feet tall.
Noble Fir 5 feet.jpg
Noble Fir 5 feet tall – 2944 viewsThis beautiful little 5 foot tall Noble Fir Christmas tree is tagged and ready to go to market
Noble Fir Christmas Trees.jpg
Noble Fir Christmas Trees before their annual pruning – 1838 viewsEach year the tops of the trees grow out several feet. Every tree is pruned by hand each summer to maintain a uniform shape.
Noble Fir Grove.jpg
Noble Fir Field of 10' tall trees – 1590 viewsThis field of mature Noble Fir Christmas trees will be harvested and cleared for planting next year. And inter-generational crop of Sudan grass will be grown and plowed down to increase organic matter content in the soil.
Noble Fir hillside.jpg
Noble Fir hillside – 1369 viewsThis hillside field of Noble Fir Christmas trees shows spring growth before pruning.
Noble Fir New Rows.jpg
Noble Fir newly planted rows – 1663 viewsThese new rows of Noble Fir will be ready in about seven or eight years
Noble Fir Rows.jpg
Noble Fir Rows – 1857 viewsChristmas trees are grown to a uniform shape at our tree farm in Oregon
Noble Grove view.jpg
Oregon tree farm – 1267 viewsThis farm road between fields of Noble Fir Christmas trees shows a difference in age of 1 year. The field on the left is seven years old, the field on the right is eight years old
Close-up of Noble Fir needles – 842 viewsThis close-up shows the beautiful blue green color of Noble Fir needles.
Premium 9' Noble Fir Christmas tree for Phone Order – 725 viewsThis beautiful Noble Fir is being prepared for a commercial phone order delivery to a local restaurant in the San Fernando Valley.
Medium density Noble Fir Christmas tree – 684 viewsThis 9 foot Noble Fir Christmas tree is considered medium density, leaving more room between the limbs for large ornaments
Noble Fir Christmas tree for delivery – 546 viewsNoble Fir are prepared for delivery to commercial buildings. Real Christmas trees displayed in public buildings in Los Angeles require treatment with fire retardant. Santa & Sons is a licensed fire retardant applicator.
Christmas tree waiting for delivery in Los Angeles – 523 viewsThis Noble Fir Christmas tree was selected by a customer at the Christmas tree lot and is waiting to be delivered in Los Angeles after the evening rush hour.
8' Noble Fir Christmas tree for office building – 591 viewsThis 8' Noble Fir Christmas tree at our Christmas tree lot is awaiting treatment with fire retardant for use in a public building.
Straight Trunk on Noble Fir Christmas trees – 491 viewsYou can see the straight trunk in this picture of a Noble Fir Christmas Tree
Tall Noble Fir.jpg
There's a storm a brewin' at our Christmas tree farm – 951 viewsA summer storm blows in over the mountains at our Christmas tree farm in Oregon
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